About Us

Welcome to the world of IDS Design!

IDS Design is a Johannesburg based manufacturer of display systems with over 20 years combined technical expertise in pattern making, production and engineering. Our depth of skill and experience  allows us to innovate, design and manufacture products to our customers’ specific requirements. Our specialty is clip frames (also know as Clippa or Snapper Frames) which we supply in a variety of eye-catching materials, decorative finishes and sizes, customized to your requirements to enhance your display material.

IDS Design has worked with innovators and brand designers in the display industry to provide a turnkey service for their specific products.
IDS Design also offers a bespoke manufacturing service, when required. IDS Design supplies :

•    Aluminium and Plastic “snap” Poster Frames
•    Moisture-resistant Aluminium Display Frames suitable for outdoor and bathroom areas
•    A range of Display Stands in Powder-coated Steel and Aluminium
•    Certificate Frames in Plastic or Aluminium or Wood
•    Framed Mirrors in Plastic or Aluminium or Wood
•    Box Frames for Coin and Stamp Collectors
•    Scrapbook Frames
•    Super-slim LED Lightboxes
•    Stretch Canvas Frames

IDS Design is strong on design and we pride ourselves on creating and sourcing new and unique products.

IDS Design is a highly flexible, efficient manufacturer and can respond to our customers’ “just in time” deadlines, particularly in the advertising industry.